Café Sydney Review

Bonjour my lovelies 🙂

Cappuccino (left-hand side) and Mocha (right-hand side)

Cappuccino (left-hand side) and Mocha (right-hand side)

It has been a while since I last published an entry here, but never fear I am back!

Most of the time I am out and about in Sydney’s C.B.D and not-so-often visit cafes in the western suburbs of Sydney.

A good friend of mine and I went to do so some shopping in Merrylands, we were in the mood to grab a coffee and get away from the crowds in Stockland.

We went out exploring for some cafes and came across Caféchino.

The vibrancy was laid-back and didn’t have so much people which was great!


Regular MochaMy friend ordered a regular cappuccino and I ordered a mocha. No surprise there 😉

The coffees were elegantly presented.

The staff were warm and friendly and service was decent, they were not-to-fast with the orders or not-to-slow. Just right.

The coffees may have looked elegantly presented, but didn’t taste as good as it looked.

My friend’s cappuccino had a bland, tasteless froth taste. The cappuccino was not any better. I can tell you, it was not even half finished.

My mocha was not the best experience possible. I’ve definitely had better!

The mocha was watered down and did not have any flavour of chocolate-flavoured variant of a café mocha. There was no form of sweet cocoa powder, or warmth of its based espresso and hot milk. This was definitely because the bistro has watered down these ingredients.

The Nescafe Mocha from the sachet packet that I drink every morning tastes better.

This was mine and my friend’s first and certainly the last time ever going to this café.

Sure, the price was decent but not decent enough to make an effort to come back here again.

My overall rating is 0/5.


Stay tuned for more 🙂

Have a good one!

Good Chai – Latest Cafe Review

Bonjour my darlings 🙂

I’m doing another review of Cafee Cherry Beans. If you haven’t read my earlier review of their mocha, then click here.


This time, I am reviewing their Chai Latte. I ended up ordered a regular size that cost me $3.50 which isn’t all bad for pricing, as this is the standard price for most cafes in Sydney based on personal experience.

I have tried their Chai Latte more than a fair share of times. It’s one of my favourite flavours from their menu.

The chai latte has a perfect texture of chai, full-cream milk and temperature of the latte.

I love the fact that I come here once, or twice a week depending on my busy schedule to grab a mocha, green tea chai latte or chai latte. I have never been disappointed by the friendly staff, or not-so-quick-service at times but don’t mind waiting. Their fine quality of tea and coffee served is worth the wait and I am happy to know the pricing is decent.

Chai Latte from Cafe Cherry BeansThe next time I’m here, I am going to post up a short review of their green tea chai latte which isn’t that bad.

I may have already mentioned this in the mocha review, but I am fond of the fact you are not limited for choice in selecting a tea or coffee. Admittedly, I do have my fair share of moments when I am indecisive of what to drink depending on my mood.

Overall rating is 4/5, this is one of the best chai lattes I’ve had in a while. I simply wished it was a lot hotter for temperature.  It was a little warm, when I received the chai. I didn’t get a chance to say anything to the staff, as it was a quick grab and go. The next time that I am there, I’ll let their barista know.

Take care 🙂

Iced Peach Green Tea

Aldi Peach w Green Tea

Hi there 🙂

I went into my local Aldi store to do some exploring of the latest teas and coffees, as they tend to bring out different products here and there.

I discovered a new flavour on the shelf, Peach with green tea by RealiTea. I wasn’t able to buy it individually it comes in a pack of 4x300ml at $4.99. So decided to take the risk either way.

Ah… my risk taking was worth it. Why? Because the peach with green tea tasted ah-mazing!

The peach with green tea had a nice sweet peach taste, especially perfect on a sizzling summer’s day! The iced tea didn’t have so-much of a ‘green tea’ taste, rather it was merely a slight brewed green tea extract that added a light hint of peach flavour.

Peach is one of those enjoyable, sweet fruits that suits a hot day in ice tea form. As much as I’m not a big fan of sugary beverages, I did make an exception as it’s not as harmful drinking a sugary ice tea now and then. I balanced out the iced tea with a glass of water on the side.

Overall rating 4/5, I enjoyed drinking the peach iced tea and would purchase this product again.

Stay tuned for more lovelies 🙂

– Jazo

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Taste of Lebanon

Taste of Lebanon

Jisr Rachin

Before arriving in Lebanon, I had expected to go out and about seeing where most of my fondest childhood memories were. I also set the bar high when it came to trying authentic and traditional Lebanese cuisine.

As back home, I’ve been to many Lebanese restaurants and very few have brought me back every time. There is a certain restaurant that I shall be posting a review about, in the next week or so.

Stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs.

Stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs.

When I was staying in Lebanon I went to a beautiful restaurant with my family named Jisr Rachin located in Zgharta, which is about 9km from Tripoli. The beautiful city where I was residing and where my family and friends live. Zgharta is a large town in North Lebanon and is about 150 metres above sea level. This was my second favourite place and where I loved to spend most of my time. The atmosphere, culture, friendly people and town made me fall in love with the area.

Jisr Rachin has the finest authentic and traditional Lebanese food on offer from freshly made tabouli, mouth-watering barbequed meat dishes to locally grown fruits and excellent teas and coffee.

Freshly made bread served with each meal.

Freshly made bread served with each meal.

Side dishes.

Side dishes.

Side dishes.

Side dishes.

Kibbeh (a meat dish made from bulghur, minced onions and finely ground lean beef)

Kibbeh (a meat dish made from bulghur, minced onions and finely ground lean beef)

As you can see from the pictures I have taken, it pretty much speaks for itself. The food could not get any better. For the appetisers there was a large serving on offer, the tabouli was freshly made from locally grown vegetables and labne (strained yoghurt) was absolutely divine. How could I forget the beautiful taste and texture of dolmas’? Dolma is a common Middle Eastern vegetable dish that is stuffed with other vegetable dishes. However Dolma is sometimes stuffed with meat.


I could go on and on about how much I love Lebanese food? But that’s not going to happen. Yum…. it’s making me hungry just contemplating my time back in Lebanon and how good the food is. -sigh-       

Not only was the food fabulous, did I mention the view? The view was breath taking as my family and I enjoyed our meal. The beautiful Autumn breeze as we seated next to the lovely river by our sides. 🙂

If you ever do get a chance to visit Lebanon, I strongly suggest you coming to this restaurant as its worth your adventure and without a doubt you won’t regret. 🙂

Overall rating and experience is 5/5. I’ll be definitely coming here on my next trip to Lebanon.

Take care my lovelies. 🙂

– Jazo

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Iced Green Tea and Pomegranate

Pomegrante Green Tea

Pomegrante Green Tea

The making process of Pomogrante Iced Tea (Green)

The making process of Pomogrante Iced Tea (Green)



Hiya 🙂

Another day, another Chatime review. 🙂

I ordered a large pomegranate green ice tea with sago topping, standard sugar and ice.

The Pomegranate Green Ice Tea has a light and refreshing flavour.

I’m interested in trying their other flavour on offer Pomegranate Black Iced Tea with sago topping. The sago topping was another addition topping that I really enjoyed.

This was the first time trying the sago topping from Chatime and loved the taste that had a light, chewy texture. This was a very different experience in toppings choice from someone who usually orders pearls, rainbow jelly, herbal jelly and/or red beans.

Sago is a type of fruit that is grown on sago palms and other tropical palms. The outside of sago is translucent and white on the inside with a springy, soft and squishy delicate taste in comparison to tapioca. Sago can also be found in Asian dessert style puddings.

Pomegranate is one of my favourite fruits. I love to eat most fruits and vegies raw, since I was a youngster and have never grown out of it.

I’ve grown up eating plenty of pomegranate, which is a crucial and commonly used ingredient, especially for Middle Eastern people. I also absolutely love pomegranate molasses that is made from pomegranate juice. I have family members who in fact make pomegranate molasses by hand, such a beautifully exquisite taste particularly mixed with meat and salads. Not only am I ‘in love’ with the taste and mixture of pomegranate, but I also love to drink pomegranate tea usually in teabags that I purchase from the supermarket. I often purchase the Twinings brand, as through experience it tastes better than other brands.

When I was in Lebanon last year, I would eat 2 pomegranates a day. The best thing about the taste of pomegranate in Lebanon is that the taste, texture, sweetness and juiciness tasted better than back home. Just thinking about having a pomegranate is making me feel nostalgic.

Chatime has absolutely won me over with their unique combination of pomegranate green ice tea. I’m tired of trying pomegranate juices, or iced tea versions that are filled with loads of sugar and the sweetness of the fruit is literally lost in translation with the amount of sugar that is used. This is quite off putting for me. However, Chatime has succeeded and proven the option for choices readily available on their menu deciding on the amount of sugar content you’d love.

I love, love these joint flavours they fit the old cliché saying, two peas in a pod.

Overall rating 5/5, my list of favourite flavours are growing from the Chatime menu. I do hope Chatime keeps this flavour and add to this onto their regular menu.

Stay tuned for more. 🙂

– Jazo

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Make the Perfect Cup of Tea at Home! (Recipe Included)

Hello my lovelies 🙂

At home or when visiting my family you can notice the different styles and techniques that go into making a good quality home style pot of tea.

Home Made Cinnamon Tea

Home Made Cinnamon Tea

I love a perfect cup of tea, especially making a large tea pot on the stove to share with guests. I love the smell and taste which isn’t the same taste, or smell you’ll get from q kettle or after making a tea bag style cup of tea.

I’ve grown up drinking a perfect cup of tea with family, friends, or guests by putting a large tea pot on the stove. However as I’ve gotten older I have had to cope with a crazy life schedule so this is why I emphasise in my entries that we all deserve ‘us’ time.

I’ve tried to get into the habit of making a large tea pot to share on occasions with the family. It’s a nice and indescribable feeling of drinking a perfect cup of tea with the ones you love. You don’t have to say much, but knowing that everyone is enjoying a cuppa with you is the best feeling.

From my experiences of Middle Eastern households, it is common to use cinnamon sticks in a large pot of tea to make the perfect cup of tea. The cinnamon sticks/quills are what most often add that extra kick in flavour.

Home Made Pot of Cinnamon Tea

Home Made Pot of Cinnamon Tea

In my family, we like to add a couple of tea bags of black tea using whatever brand that we may be used too. Then, we’d add a couple of cinnamon sticks/quills on top of the black tea, tea bags depending on how strong you or your guests have chosen as their preference in the strength of the tea. Of course the longer you boil the tea pot then you are likely to have a stronger strength of tea, but the less you boil the tea pot the balance of strength for everyone is easier to serve for everyone’s tastes.

See, in our family, we usually like to drink 2 to 3 cups per person. Yes, we love tea. 🙂

I come from a family who love tea and coffee.

I’d put myself into the tea category, as much as I love drinking mochas and enjoy drinking cold iced coffees. My first love would be tea, especially the latest love for freshly brewed teas from Chatime and bubble tea in general makes me love tea more because of its versatility and unique taste, flavour and texture.

So here’s just a brief example of how some of my family members make a perfect cup of tea for their family members, friends and guests.

This is how you make a traditional style of tea, the way I have experienced growing up:


  • 5 teabags of black tea
  • 2  cinnamon sticks
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar (raw, or white)


  1. Add water to a large tea pot
  2. Add the 4 teabags of blacktea into the tea pot
  3. Add the 2 cinnamon sticks into the tea pot
  4. Add the 5 tablespoons of sugar (for a more a sweeter taste, then add more sugar)
  5. Let the pot of tea boil on medium heat, for 5 to 10 minutes give or take depending on your stove. Once you see contents are beginning to boil, then simply turn off the stove and serve to your guests. 🙂 Or, better yet you can be greedy and have it all to yourself. 🙂

It’s a great way to make a large pot of tea after having a greasy meal. Or, after having a family feast. 🙂

Why not try it out yourself? Let me know what you think?

Have you tried this yourself? If so, I’d love to hear from you and about your experience. 🙂

Stay tuned my lovelies 🙂

– Jazo

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